Colorbond Fencing
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Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond fencing is rapidly increasing in Perth; it is gradually becoming the trend. That being said, Topline Fencing Perth is an Australian company that provides colorbond fencing services to the residents of the region and environs.

Fences in general should provide security and also beautify its surroundings; this is exactly what colorbond fencing does. With colorbond fencing, your property is secured and made attractive as well.

Our Colorbond fences are created from 100% bluescope steel and come with a ten year manufacturing warranty, they come is a wide range of colours, making it very beautiful and appealing. Why should you choose colorbond fences? Colorbond fencing are available in various colours, they are known for their durability and strength. It is also a great option for the Australian climate.

So if you need a colorbond fence and you reside around Perth, call Topline Fencing Perth for our competitive colorbond fencing options.

We are a professional company that posesses over 22 years experienced in various fencing work. We use the finest materials in order to provide the supreme quality service that lasts long. We will customize our packages to suit the needs and budgets of our clients where possible.

Colourbond Gates

Topline Fencing Perth offers the best colorbond gates in Perth. Our designs are unique and our services affordable. If you need quality colorbond gates completed, contact us now! Our Colorbond gates are made from bluescope steel with welded powder coated frames. With our many years experience, we have noticed that these gates are gradually taking over the market in Perth. And with our work being unique, classy, stylish and surprisingly very affordable, we should be your number one choice for all fencing services. At Topline Fencing Perth, a customer’s satisfaction is our priority. We try to give you the very best without opposing your choice. Installing Colorbond fencing is becoming a very popular option among homeowners across Perth. Generally, Color bond fencing has a reputation as an elegant, safe and durable alternative. As a principle, we choose the finest materials for all the Colorbond fencing and gates we install.

We only use top quality material in all of our projects, so the quality of our work is simply unmatchable. Usage of finest materials, supreme end result, quick service and affordability have helped us to stand out as one of the most professional Colorbond Contractors in Perth. We are equipped with a wide range of colors; Homeowners can select the best matching color for their property and garden.

Thanks to the versatility, Colorbond fencing can be installed with various heights to match the requirement. Wide range of colors will allow you to match them and form beautiful fence work that adds glamour to your property. In general, Colorbond fencing has a long-lasting characteristic; in general, Colorbond fencing is a long lasting, low maintenance option.

Why select us?

Worry-free fencing

Our experts make sure to install the Colorbond fencing perfectly leaving no worries for you. The surfaces of these particular fencing materials are so smooth. They fit with each other perfectly and leave no vertical gaps. No loose palings can be experienced with Colorbond fencing. Eventually, Colorbond fencing can provide you exceptional privacy, security and confidence in addition to the obvious beauty.


Convenient to maintain

Once a particular Colorbond fence extension work is done, you will have minimal maintenance work to do. Because of the smooth surface, Colorbond fences don’t easily get dust and debris on them. Occasional washing will be good enough to maintain the appearance of the fence.


Quick installation

Unlike conventional fencing options, Colorbond fencing is exceptionally easy to install. Our trained and qualified technicians will ensure a seamless installation work leaving no gaps or wobbly ends. The edges just fit into each other and the privacy is perfectly assured.



Our Colorbond fencing prices are highly affordable. We always want to provide our customers the best output at affordable rates. However, we never compromise the quality of our work with the cost.