Aluminium Tubular Fencing
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Perth Aluminium Tubular Fencing Specialists

Aluminium Tubular Fences have proven durability and stability. This means it with stand’s Perth variable weather conditions. It is also a very cost-effective form of tubular fencing. It is a lightweight form of tubular fencing that is often used around residential swimming pools. You can be assured that we only use the highest quality aluminium for our tubular fences.

Your new aluminium tubular fence will not rust, so it makes a great choice for salt-water pools and coastal areas.

It is the perfect solution when installing a safety fence with style to enhance your home. We find that tubular fencing and aluminium tubular fencing in particular, is one of the most popular styles of fencing that we install.

We can even install an automatic sliding gate to match your new aluminium tubular fence. If you already have an aluminium tubular fence, we also match a gate to it.

Some of the benefits of aluminium tubular fencing include:

  • Rust Free: Unlike steel, an aluminium tubular fence will not rust. This is especially great for coastal properties.
  • Low Maintenance: There is no need to paint or varnish your aluminium tubular fence and it should last for decades.
  • Termites and Pest Resistant: An aluminium tubular fence can’t be damaged by termites and other pests. Even better it will not rot like a wooden fence.
  • Safe : Aluminium tubular fences are now the fence of choice around swimming pools due to their high level of safety.

At Topline Fencing our aluminium tubular fencing is made of extra tough, weather resistant aluminium and powder coated to a colour that suits you. A full range of colours are available. Custom made panels can be made to size to get around any obstacles to ensure compliancy.

Our aluminium fencing meets all Australian standards and is offered in many popular and custom styles for added beauty. At Topline Fencing we ensure a safe barrier around your pool or garden for children as well as pets to be kept free from the hazards of an open swimming pool.

Aluminium fencing is a beautiful choice in a fence, and unlike wood with its high maintenance and high cost, aluminium fences are easy to maintain and provide years of enjoyment and beauty around your swimming pool, deck or outdoor entertainment area.