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Aluminium slats is a desirable pool fencing choice and very popular among Perth homeowners for it’s longevity and rust and termite resistance.

Looking for Aluminium Slat Fencing installers in Perth?

Aluminium Slats Fencing can be developed into desirable shapes to suit the landscape of your area. 

Aluminium slat fencing is ideal for a wide range of applications. From various types of fencing, to gates and privacy screens, these fences provide a striking solution. As a brick or concrete pier fence inlay, this fencing provides a modern and minimalist look to your property, while discouraging prying eyes or casual visitors. As deck or balcony fencing, this fencing offers a tough and reliable privacy solution, ensuring that your outdoor area is yours, and yours alone, to enjoy.

As an aesthetic aid, you can use these screens to cover utility boxes, or pool filters, from view. As carport siding, it can keep your ride protected from prying eyes, and the sun. And as window covers, it can introduce both shade, and privacy, into your home.

Slat fencing is a great choice of fence for our Perth, WA lifestyle. It is attractive and looks great, while being an ideal way to let some air and sunlight into your property while delineating your boundaries and protecting your privacy and your people and property. You can choose the perfect balance between allowing your fence to “breathe” and the level of privacy and security you desire by choosing the size of the gap between the slats fencing and the type of material.

Why Aluminium Slat Fencing?

Fencing is an essential part of every home and garden in Australia. There is a variety of fencing options available. Aluminium slats are one of the most attractive options. They give your home and garden a unique appearance that is appreciable. Aluminium panels are a multi-purpose solution and can be applied to privacy screen and security gates too. If you are looking for an amazing fencing option for your Perth home you should consider aluminium slats. The physical specifications for aluminium slats include:

  • 100% pure aluminium slats fencing.
  • A range of slat sizes to offer styling options.
  • Varying slat gap sizes.
  • Horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • 3D effect (45 degrees or 90 degrees to the frame).
  • Powder Coating for a wider choice of colours.
  • Timber grain effect to enhance architectural appeal of aluminium slat fencing.